Arancia Tale e Quale - The philosophy

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"Arancia Tale e Quale" It born from the idea of offering the consumer a fresh and genuine product that they get in 48 hours without the help of intermediaries, according to the logic of short chain.

Arancia Tale e Quale - History

blood orange, oranges online, tangerines, lemons

The farm was founded on the slopes of Etna, particularly in Palagonia "city of red pulp Oranges", in the plain of Catania, and has its historical roots in the sixties when the first generation, represented by nonnno Pasquale, cultivated with passion what would become for many countrymen the primary source of income.
"L'Arancia Tale e Quale" has the honor of the PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) and has varied and beneficial antiviral, anticancer and antioxidant. Also rich in vitamin A peel, can be edible as it is not treated with polishes / waxes preservatives or harmful and dangerous substances for our body.

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